Fall Leaf Topiary for Thanksgiving – DIY Thanksgiving 2019 Project

Fall Leaf Topiary for Thanksgiving – This fun and easy project will add a hint of fall in any room. It can be put on a table as a centerpiece, on a mantle, or bookshelf.

What you will need:

1. Ceramic pot
2. Wide wire ribbon in a fall color
3. Fake ivy
4. Silk fall leaves
5. Spanish moss
6. Floral foam
7. Styrofoam ball about the same size in diameter as the base of the ceramic pot
8. Hot glue gun 
9. Glue sticks
10. Small bunches of fake berries
11. Floral wire
12. Two or three thin branches with leaves removed

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Fall Leaf Topiary for Thanksgiving


1. Cut the branches so that they are even lengths.
2. Use the floral wire to keep the sticks together. 
3. Wrap the ivy around the branches and use floral wire if needed to get it to stay.
4. Put floral foam in the ceramic pot. Make sure that it fits snugly so that the topiary will remain upright. 
5. Plug in the hot glue gun and make sure it has glue in it. 
6. Push one end of the branches into the floral foam.
7. Push the Styrofoam ball onto the branches. 
8. Use the hot glue gun to put glue between the Styrofoam ball and the branches. 
9. Put Spanish moss in the ceramic pot so that it covers the floral foam. 
10. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the silk leaves to the Styrofoam ball. Make sure that none of the Styrofoam shows. 
11. Stick a few bunches of the berries in the branches, put in a few silk leaves as well. 
12. Wrap the ribbon around the ceramic pot and adhere with the hot glue gun.

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Thankful Fall Tree – Best Thanksgiving 2019 Craft Ideas

Thankful Fall Tree  – This fun craft is easy for kids to make and will help them remember that Thanksgiving is about more than just a lot of food and football games.

Thankful Fall Tree

What you will need:

1. Brown craft foam sheets

2. Construction paper in red, yellow, orange and green

3. Scissors

4. Tape

5. Pencil 

6. Black marker

Thankful Fall Tree - Best Thanksgiving 2019 Craft Ideas


1. With a pencil help your child draw a tree trunk and branches on the brown craft foam. If the children doing the project are very young you may want to draw the tree. 
2. Cut out the tree.
3. Trace around the tree shape on another piece of brown craft foam.
4. Cut out the duplicate tree trunk.
5. On one of the tree trunk cut a slit in the center starting at the bottom and ending about an inch before the branches of the tree start. 
6. On the other tree trunk cut a slit in the center starting in the middle of the branches. Make the slit only about an inch long. 
7. Put the two tree trunks together by sliding them into the slits. Make sure that they are perpendicular to each other. If needed you can make the slits longer so that the bottom of both trees is even. 
8. Cut out leaves from the construction paper and let the kids write things they are thankful for on the leaves with a black marker. 
9. Tape the leaves onto the tree branches.

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Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Using Pumpkins – Happy Thanksgiving

Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Using Pumpkins – Fall is a wonderful season filled with family, food and fun. Many people desire to bring the beauty of fall into their homes, and one great way to do this is with a creative centerpiece. There are many different centerpieces you can choose from, but here we’re going to focus on the use of pumpkins. 

Miniature Pumpkins in a bowl

One simple centerpiece involves locating an attractive basket or glass bowl and filling it with miniature pumpkins. Although this centerpiece is simple, it packs quite a festive punch! You can also use decorative gourds, or combine both gourds and pumpkins. 

Pumpkin and Autumn Leaves

Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Using Pumpkins

Another idea is to take a medium sized pumpkin and place it in the center of a ring of autumn leaves. For this centerpiece, you’ll need a garland of faux autumn leaves, which you will simply wrap around the base of the pumpkin, cut to length, and secure at the ends using a hot glue gun. 

Pumpkin Carving – for Thanksgiving!

You can also create a more intricate centerpiece with a few supplies and a little creativity. Why not try carving shapes of autumn leaves into a pumpkin, then adorning with some autumn leaf boughs, fall flowers and rustic raffia? Simply trace the pattern of real leaves onto a piece of sturdy paper, cut out, and use as a stencil. Then, using a pumpkin carving knife, simply trace around the design you’ve stenciled on the pumpkin. To attach the autumn flowers and leaves, try hot glue. Adorn the stem of the pumpkin with a cute raffia bow, and you’re done!

Using Pumpkins as a vase

Yet another great centerpiece that’s fairly simple to make is done by cutting off the top half of the pumpkin, cleaning it out, and filling with floral foam. Then, place bunches of silk flowers into the foam so that they stick out of the top of the pumpkin. Essentially, you’re using the pumpkin as a flowerpot. You can even place a single tapered candle in the center of the centerpiece for added flair. The image above shows dried flowers held in a pumpkin container.

With a little imagination, you can create the perfect pumpkin themed centerpiece for your table! Not only will it look fabulous, but creating pretty centerpieces is a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Your family and friends will think you spent a fortune on your new centerpiece!

Ideas for Fall Decorating – Happy Thanksgiving Decorating 2019

Fall is a gorgeous time of year when the temperature cools and the leaves turn from green to vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange. There are lots of ways you can bring the majesty of the season into your home.

Ideas for Fall Decorating - Happy Thanksgiving Decorating 2018

Flowers are always a must when decorating for any season. Choose flowers that reflect the season such as mums, calendula and sunflowers. Colors like red, orange and yellow are a must, although darker shades can look fantastic also. You can adorn your home with fresh flowers, or choose a long-lasting silk bouquet. Try adding sprays of autumn leaves to your arrangements for a rustic, seasonal look. In fall, you can move away from delicate vases and towards more robust containers like barrels and baskets. Go for wood and brass for an earthy look.

Not only can flowers make the inside of your home look great, they can also improve the exterior. Fill your garden with fall-blooming flowers like begonia, sunflower, aster and chrysanthemum on this thanksgiving 2019. A fall-themed garden flag can also add a nice touch to your exterior space. Try a wreath crafted from rustic materials and autumn leaves for your front door.

To update your furnishings, why not try some new throw pillows and window treatments in rich fall colors like rust, burgundy, or gold. With a neutral sofa, you can easily change the look of a room by adding various accessories. A new area rug with a fall flair can add warmth and beauty to any room. And don’t forget the little things! Some votive candles in gorgeous fall colors can bring a classic look to any room.

Wall hangings are a great idea, as well. Try framed prints that reflect your idea of fall. Gorgeous autumn landscapes look beautiful and add warmth and interest to even the starkest white walls. Let your taste be your guide, but try to reflect some of the beauty of the season in the art you choose.

Another good idea is to make use of the bounty of the season. Try filling a basket with miniature pumpkins or interesting gourds and using it as a centerpiece. Or, fill a bowl with water and add colored floating candles in autumn shades, accented with a few faux fall leaves that will gently lay on the surface.

There are many more fall decorating ideas that you can try. Go with a holiday theme and deck your home out in Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations. Check out some decorating magazines or books for more creative ideas. Often, decorating your home for the fall holidays can become a time honored tradition that the whole family can enjoy!

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas Images 2018 – Thanksgiving 2018

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas – The fourth and last Sunday in November is a time to give thanks. No matter what your station in life, you’d be remiss not to give thanks for what you have: your health, your family, your home, and your delicious Thanksgiving feast! So, in the spirit of this special day, let’s talk turkey about holiday decor! And when that big turkey day rolls by, rest easy! We’ve got you covered with a page full of fantastic new holiday themed decorations that are bound to get your senses tingling with delight! If pilgrims and Indians and big delicious gobblers are what gets you straight into the holiday spirit, then prepare to be dazzled by the amazing array of Thanksgiving decor we’ve got for you today!

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas 2018

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

From traditional Thanksgiving items such as Pilgrim hats and muskets to seasonal decor like autumn wreaths, we’ve taken the time to festoon this page with craft and decor ideas that will really give you the inspiration you need to make your Thanksgiving one for the history books! So have a look around, and judge for yourself! Best of all, you don’t need to be heir to the Pocahontas family fortune to be able to afford these classic holiday goodies. You can find most of the ingredients required to assemble them right in your own home! Just check your cupboards and closets, and voila! You’ll soon discover 90% of what you need, and the rest just takes a quick trip down to your neighborhood 5 and dime store! Also Read [Thanksgiving Quotes]

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

So don’t sweat over the preparations for getting your home into the proper Thanksgiving spirit. Save your sweat for preparing that delicious turkey dinner, because we’ve already done all the work in getting your holiday decor ready. You just have to look around this page, see what you like, and craft it! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mum and Filbert Centerpieces

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Cranberry Spheres

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

White Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas
Pilgrim and Indian Duckies

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Felt Leaf Napkin Rings

DIY Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas