Mouth Watering Baked Pork Chop Recipes – Thanksgiving 2019 Recipe

Pork Chop Recipes

Pork Chop Recipes – The myth is that after a long ago forest fire a small Stone Age boy smelt something delectable. Mouth watering, he followed his nose through the cooling ash until at last he discovered the source of the delicious aroma a small wild pig had succumbed to the flames and been transformed into roast pork roast pork with crackling barbeque was born!

We will never know whether the first wild boar was killed by a hunter or whether it was killed in self defence, but either way man soon discovered how good pork chops could be.

Pork is not part of the cuisine in some cultures of course Jews and Muslims are forbidden to eat it. There was some sense for such laws in hot climates. Raw pork spoils easily and, if not cooked properly, can spread certain diseases, because pigs are by nature scavengers. Nowadays with refrigeration and more control of what the creatures eat that need not be a worry.

Fashions change though. The modern consumer demands a leaner joint than previously, but remember that a lot of flavour is in the fat, so removing it entirely is not a good idea.

You can bake, braise or fry pork chops. The least fattening way is probably to put them on a rack under a broiler so that excess fat drains away, but the same effect can be reached in the oven if you place the chops on a rack. They should take about 20 minutes in a medium hot oven.400F, 200C, Gas 6. If placing under the broiler or frying turn after about 6 minutes and continue until cooked through.

They are fine just as they are, but try a marinade. 20 minutes or so is fine, a little longer if you can. You can even put marinade on frozen chops in the morning , let them defrost while you are at work, and just turn them once as soon as you get home.


Rosemary, oil and honey with lemon , lime or orange zest. For 4 chops you will need a teaspoon of chopped rosemary, a tablespoon of oil, a teaspoon of honey or brown sugar and the zest of one fruit. Turn over once or twice to ensure that the flavours really reach every part of the meat.

You can substitute oregano or herbes de Provence for the rosemary or indeed practically any combination of herbs you like.

To give it some zing use a tablespoon of Worcester or Barbecue sauce, one of oil, a teaspoon of marmalade and half a deseeded chilli chopped fine.


There is traditional apple sauce of course, but try adding some chopped sage or mint to this. Onions, chopped finely and cooked until soft with peaches or apricots and a teaspoon of chopped tarragon is what I’m having tonight

Stuffed chops

For this you need your chops cut quite thickly. Make pockets in each chop. These you can then pack with all sorts of goodies. Try soaking for about an hour some dried fruit such as cherries, cranberries, apricots. Drain the fruit and then chop fairly small, perhaps mixing in some spice, garlic, mustard powder or chilli. Use this mixture to stuff pockets. You might need to hold the edges together with a tooth pick while you cook the chops.

You can also make a stuffing ( sometimes called forcemeat or dressing) using bread crumbs. Place in processor 2 -3 slices of bread roughly torn, a chopped onion, herbs of your choice sage, rosemary, thyme, about 2 teaspoons of each if dried or 3 if fresh. If using tarragon you will need rather less. Add an egg, a knob of butter or low fat spread, a pinch of salt and any spices that you want to use. Whizz until fairly smooth and use to stuff the chops. Any spare stuffing can be baked either as it is in an oven proof dish or first be rolled into small balls. If you don’t use a processor just crumble the bread and chop the onion and herbs as finely as you can before mixing everything together. A chopped apple is also good as is a peach. You might like to use the zest and juice of an orange or lemon.