Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Using Pumpkins – Happy Thanksgiving

Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Using Pumpkins – Fall is a wonderful season filled with family, food and fun. Many people desire to bring the beauty of fall into their homes, and one great way to do this is with a creative centerpiece. There are many different centerpieces you can choose from, but here we’re going to focus on the use of pumpkins. 

Miniature Pumpkins in a bowl

One simple centerpiece involves locating an attractive basket or glass bowl and filling it with miniature pumpkins. Although this centerpiece is simple, it packs quite a festive punch! You can also use decorative gourds, or combine both gourds and pumpkins. 

Pumpkin and Autumn Leaves

Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas Using Pumpkins

Another idea is to take a medium sized pumpkin and place it in the center of a ring of autumn leaves. For this centerpiece, you’ll need a garland of faux autumn leaves, which you will simply wrap around the base of the pumpkin, cut to length, and secure at the ends using a hot glue gun. 

Pumpkin Carving – for Thanksgiving!

You can also create a more intricate centerpiece with a few supplies and a little creativity. Why not try carving shapes of autumn leaves into a pumpkin, then adorning with some autumn leaf boughs, fall flowers and rustic raffia? Simply trace the pattern of real leaves onto a piece of sturdy paper, cut out, and use as a stencil. Then, using a pumpkin carving knife, simply trace around the design you’ve stenciled on the pumpkin. To attach the autumn flowers and leaves, try hot glue. Adorn the stem of the pumpkin with a cute raffia bow, and you’re done!

Using Pumpkins as a vase

Yet another great centerpiece that’s fairly simple to make is done by cutting off the top half of the pumpkin, cleaning it out, and filling with floral foam. Then, place bunches of silk flowers into the foam so that they stick out of the top of the pumpkin. Essentially, you’re using the pumpkin as a flowerpot. You can even place a single tapered candle in the center of the centerpiece for added flair. The image above shows dried flowers held in a pumpkin container.

With a little imagination, you can create the perfect pumpkin themed centerpiece for your table! Not only will it look fabulous, but creating pretty centerpieces is a fun and relaxing way to pass the time. Your family and friends will think you spent a fortune on your new centerpiece!