Fall Leaf Topiary for Thanksgiving – DIY Thanksgiving 2019 Project

Fall Leaf Topiary for Thanksgiving – This fun and easy project will add a hint of fall in any room. It can be put on a table as a centerpiece, on a mantle, or bookshelf.

What you will need:

1. Ceramic pot
2. Wide wire ribbon in a fall color
3. Fake ivy
4. Silk fall leaves
5. Spanish moss
6. Floral foam
7. Styrofoam ball about the same size in diameter as the base of the ceramic pot
8. Hot glue gun 
9. Glue sticks
10. Small bunches of fake berries
11. Floral wire
12. Two or three thin branches with leaves removed

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Fall Leaf Topiary for Thanksgiving


1. Cut the branches so that they are even lengths.
2. Use the floral wire to keep the sticks together. 
3. Wrap the ivy around the branches and use floral wire if needed to get it to stay.
4. Put floral foam in the ceramic pot. Make sure that it fits snugly so that the topiary will remain upright. 
5. Plug in the hot glue gun and make sure it has glue in it. 
6. Push one end of the branches into the floral foam.
7. Push the Styrofoam ball onto the branches. 
8. Use the hot glue gun to put glue between the Styrofoam ball and the branches. 
9. Put Spanish moss in the ceramic pot so that it covers the floral foam. 
10. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the silk leaves to the Styrofoam ball. Make sure that none of the Styrofoam shows. 
11. Stick a few bunches of the berries in the branches, put in a few silk leaves as well. 
12. Wrap the ribbon around the ceramic pot and adhere with the hot glue gun.

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