Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids, Women And Men

With Halloween horror round the corner, we have already started thinking about our much awaited spooky look for the evening. To help you solve your dilemma, here we are with some refreshing Halloween costume ideas for every age group.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids:

Accident Roadkill Costume:  One of a kind Halloween costume idea for your kid is an accident Roadkill costume. Your kid can look really spooky with all those organs spilling out of the costume. You can get it easily available online.

Accident Roadkill Halloween Costume for kids

Kids Devil Costume: Another Halloween Costume idea for kids can be a scary devil dress.

Kids Devil Halloween Costume Idea for kids

A devil dress accompanied with a spooky eye and lip make up is all you need to get your kid ready for the amazing night. This is also available on number of online stores.

Movie Characters:

The Smurfs: The smurfs series is one of the most acclaimed animated series. It is quite popular among kids as well. You can imagine how adorable your little one will look dressed as a smurf or Miss Smurfette. (smiles) This is one of the best “Do it yourself” Halloween costume idea for a little one at home without putting much effort. All you need is

The Smurfs - Halloween Customer for kids 2018

The Shrek: “A cute little ogre roaming down the streets” is a view; one will always have his heart for.

The Shrek - Halloween Costume For Kids

Another very creative Halloween costume idea is to dress your little one as Shrek or Fiona- the ogre princess. All you need is some green skin friendly paint, a brown cut-sleeve mid waist jacket, brown pants, and a pair of green Shrek years (which can easily be prepared at home with a help of handmade sheet). You are good to go!!!

Aladdin and Jasmine: “Arabian nights, like Arabian days  …More often than not…Are hotter than hot… In a lot of good ways”, is a song which kids have learnt by heart. Two of the most famous Disney characters of all times have been Aladdin and Arabian Princess Jasmine. Their costumes are easily available on every fancy dress store and most of the online stores.

Aladdin and Jasmine - Halloween Costume idea for kids 2018

Minions: Superbad, Superdad!! Minions are small adorable creatures from highly acclaimed kids’ movie “Despicable Me”. Little kids look lovely in those small minion dresses. They already adore those small creatures. To look like them will be a great deal for them. All you need is a denim dungaree, a plain yellow t-shirt and a pair of wide glasses and the job is done.

Halloween Minions costume for kids

Halloween Costume Ideas for Women:

Wonder Woman : This is the most popular look of the season. Recently the movie was released and grossed a decent turnover all over the world. The lead character of the movie known as Wonder Woman is a symbol of power and strength. This can be a very strong and meaningful Halloween costume idea for the season. You can easily grab the costume from your nearby stores. The Costume is also available on online stores.

Wonder woman - Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn is a badass character in the movie, although with an eye catching spirit.

Suicide Squad - Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Her appearance is quite loud for everyone to notice. She is a blonde with some contrast highlights .If you want get noticed this Halloween, grab on the outfit and step on the streets with a BADASS attitude!!

Daenerys Targaryen: She is the most loved khaleesi in world-wide popular TV series, “Game of Thrones”. By getting dresses like Khaleesi, who knows, you might meet your Khal Drogo out there somewhere. The character is so popular that you can get the look online easily.

Daenerys Targaryen - Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Frozen’s Elsa: A beautiful princess with a kingdom of ice is the character’s say. If you want to dorm a girlish and princess-like look, this is the perfect choice for you. A sky -blue evening gown, a chiffon or net robe and of course a braided hair style will complete your look for the evening.

Frozen’s Elsa - Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

There are a number of Halloween costume ideas available to choose from, this season, like: Marilyn Monroe, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, Blossoms – the power puff Girls, Super Girl, Cat Woman and many more

Halloween Costume Ideas for Men:

Jon Snow: Everyone is aware of his dashing looks and killing silent acting. This season, donning the look of former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and present king in the north can actually be a head turner. This is one of the most popular Halloween costume idea this season with the new season of the show about to start!!!

Jon Snow - Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

White Walker: Another popular and scary character of the popular show game of thrones is “The Night King”. You can easily get white walker mask available on a nearby store. Accompany it with a robe and a sword. This unique Halloween costume idea is enough to bring the chills down the spine.

White Walker - Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Baywatch: Recently released movie featuring, Dwayne Johnson, Zac Effron and Priyanka Chopra gave another look of the season. A good Halloween costume idea can also be to dress as a Baywatch lifeguard. It can be a cool beach look.

Baywatch - Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Beast from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast: Another unique and classic Halloween costume idea can be to dress as a beast from the Disney movie – Beauty and the Beast. The character was a true lover and admirer of the Princess. Although with a scary appearance but with a golden heart!!

Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Men 2018

Other Halloween costume ideas to choose from: Joker –the villain from Batman series, The Devil Look, Men in Black, Captain America and superhero looks as well can work for you.

Have a scary Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!