#2 Halloween Ideas & Traditions – The Picking of the Halloween Costumes

On October 1st, we start trying to figure out what we want to be this Halloween. In fact, most years we start thinking about it as we are putting away the costumes we just wore that year. But October 1st really gets down to it and decisions must be made. In most of the years past we’ve gone with a vampire theme and have many different types of vampire costumes. Occasionally we try to do a different costume style which usually ends up in a week long debate since we always go as a pair of something. Last year it was high end “Mr. and Mrs. Devil” costumes and we looked pretty sharp! This year is still kind of up in the air. Sometimes there are just too many costume ideas to choose from! My wife loves the Totally Skelebones costume, which can be found in the Halloween costumes section. It’s a total black suit with latex bones on it and it does look cool. For some reason when you put one on, you feel like dancing around and acting silly no matter how old you are. We guess it’s because of the full covering of the costume, it give you anonymity and you can just cut loose when no one knows it’s you in there.

Choosing Halloween Costumes

Choosing Halloween Costumes

By the first week of October, we have all made our final decisions about what Halloween costumes and makeup we will wear for the current year and placed our orders for them, usually from an online store. Below are some tips I’ve learned over the years.

Experience has taught us to order our costumes well in advance of October 31st. This gives us time to make sure that the costumes fit well, fill our needs and also to accessorize them. Doing this also gives us time to exchange a costume if necessary way before the night we’ll will be wearing it.

The worst situation you can find yourself in, is having no costume at all on the big day. By then, stores, including costume stores may have sold out of all the good stuff. If your a woman, remember, we come in all shapes and sizes, and picking out a costume that fits well and looks good can be difficult. I always do a dress rehearsal to make sure my costume fits and looks the way I want it to, including any makeup I will be wearing.

Decide is if you want to look scary, sexy or funny? Some people pick a costume based on their everyday personality, others go for something totally out of character. Personally, I like sexy costumes because I don’t dress like that in my day-to-day life. What’s the weather going to be like, will you be indoors most of the time or outdoors, will you need a sweater or wrap?

Even if its the last minute or you’re just lazy, try not to dress in something unbelievably lame like a “This Is My Halloween Costume” tee-shirt or slipping on a pair of fake bunny ears or plastic devil horns, particularly if you’ve been invited to a Halloween party. You may think its adequate or looks funny, but most people will just think you are a slacker for not caring what you look like. We’ve seen this many times and always think the same thing…loser. Even wearing a cheap costume and using one of those Halloween makeup face painting kits is better than nothing or near nothing.

Don’t go dressed in anything political or that is social statement. Some people wear masks of their favorite or least favorite politician or all one color such as pink to promote a cause, Halloween is a night for fun and frivolity, not for advocating a personal cause, in other words, don’t be a bore. Also, avoid dressing as someone or something that people will not easily recognize or you’ll hear “what’s he/she supposed to be” all night long and feel stupid.

Halloween Nail Art

Halloween Nail Art

I’ve always made sure that if nothing else looked good on me, my nails were always perfect. I’ve been that way my whole life, totally obsessed with my nails. My husband can smell acrylic products and nail polish a mile away because of me. When I die, the rest of my may look like crap but I’ll die with nice nails! And I love nail art as well, I was a licensed manicurist most of my adult life, or nail tech as they loved to be called today, as well as a hair stylist. So, it would figure that I also love painting my finger and toe nails for the holidays, starting with Halloween. I usually paint them in a black and orange Chevron style French tip for the first two weeks of October, then do an ombre’ orange, yellow and white color, to look like candy corn for the next two weeks and lastly, something that goes well with my chosen Halloween costume.

This has been a tradition with me for about 28 years. I wear acrylic and tips on my nails, they vary in length and style depending on the time of year. I always put on a long, curved set (Kiss brand nail tips in Hawk Curves) for October to give them that extra dangerous look and at that length, believe me, they can be dangerous! Nail art looks good on most any length of nail so if you aren’t a fan of long nails and like to go more short and sporty or maybe mid length, it will still look good and give you some Halloween flair everywhere you go.

You can do the nail art yourself or go to a nail salon to have it done, that goes for the artificial nails as well. If you haven’t bee putting your own on for 30 years, maybe it’s not the time to start right before the holidays. There are lots of nail only salons out there that will put on a full set for a good price and most do nail art as well.. Whatever you do, get your nails painted up for for Halloween. If you do it yourself, all you need are some French manicure guide strips (curved or Chevron shaped), black, orange, yellow, white and clear nail polishes and some time. It would take a whole page to give the instructions on how to do it, so go to the Halloween Finger Nails article which has step by step instructions and pictures.

About 15 years ago I suggested to my husband that he let me paint his toe nails black for the entire month of October. It took some heavy convincing since he’s a good, old fashion traditional man, not one of those “Metro” guys. Finally, I broke him down and he let me do it. Now when October is just around the corner, he actually reminds me that I’ll need to give him a pedicure and paint his toe nails black soon. I really look forward to doing it! No one knows but us that he’s wearing his “Goth” toenails under those socks and high top Doc’s.