What is Thanksgiving Day And History of Thanksgiving Day? How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated In USA?

World comprises of various countries that are extremely unique in their own way. Whether their culture, rituals or even the festivals (especially the celebration), every country has its own idea and way which differs from others. Talking about festivals, one of the most prominent fests for Americans is Thanksgiving, and it’s on its way. Several other countries like Canada celebrate this festival, but it is still a new thing for many Asian countries. They tend to ask What is Thanksgiving day now and then.

What Is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal. Talking about the history of Thanksgiving Day, the festival is dedicated to a harvest festival celebrated by the Pilgrim Fathers in the year 1621. It occurs in the US on the 4th Thursday in November every year.

What Is Thanksgiving Day In USA

Splendid History of Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is not that young; its roots are deep in the soil of time. The day was originated as a harvest festival, as Lohri in India. Although the origin of the festival is related to several years, if we go deep into the history of Thanksgiving day, it first came into existence in the year 1621. The day was known as ‘First Thanksgiving’ and the feast lasted for three complete days. However, According to some historians, the first celebration of Thanksgiving day in North America occurs during 1578.  

History of Thanksgiving Day

What Day is Thanksgiving in the USA?

Thanksgiving day is held on different dates in different countries. So, as already said, in the USA, the day occurs on the fourth Thursday of November month every year. In Canada, it is celebrated on second Monday of October. And In Liberia, Thanksgiving day is celebrated on first Thursday of November.

What Day is Thanksgiving in the USA

Thanksgiving day marks the beginning of Holidays including Christmas and New year in the United States. If you want to know the meaning of Thanksgiving, the next statement is certainly for you. “It began as a day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and the preceding year.”

How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated?

Thanksgiving day has its own way to make the people enjoy and make their lives worthwhile. The day is certainly a prominent one for families and families to get all together for a special course of the meal. The meal mostly includes a delicious and stuffed turkey, mashed potatoes,  tasty cranberry sauce, and an apple pie as a showstopper. Do you still ponder on what is Thanksgiving! It is a special time for all the people to give thanks for what they have given and return all the love to them. You will now have an understanding about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

How Is Thanksgiving Celebrated

Thanksgiving Day special parades occur in several cities including the USA and Canada on Thanksgiving Day. These parades mostly relate to the history of Thanksgiving. Some of the parades also mark the beginning of the festival of Christmas and the shopping season. Many people plan a vacation to enjoy the extra long weekend and spend some quality time with friends and family.