Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes For Kids And Adults, Thanksgiving Day 2019 Funny Jokes

funny thanksgiving jokes

Nothing could be better than sitting together with your family and enjoying a delicious turkey on the occasion of Thanksgiving day. However, if you want to add a little more zing to the get-together, Thanksgiving jokes could surely be the cherry on the cake. Just imagine what fun it could be to crack some lively and funny Thanksgiving day jokes with your family and friends to make the fest more enjoyable.

thanksgiving jokes

thanksgiving day jokes

thanksgiving jokes and riddles

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Hilarious Thanksgiving Jokes 2019

To fill your appetite for humor, we have collected some of the funniest and comical Thanksgiving jokes to entertain you for the day. Just share them with your friends and relatives and enjoy a healthy laugh together. This year, we hope that these jokes and one-liners will fill all the kids and adults in the house with fun and humor. So, make sure you crack these amazing Thanksgiving 2019 jokes and make the enjoyable and fun.

thanksgiving jokes for kids

thanksgiving jokes and puns

thanksgiving jokes for preschoolers

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Thanksgiving day is among-st the favorite festivals for most of the Americans, but it is celebrated with great zeal all around the world. Do you know what the main aim of all the festivals is? Every festival is there to make our family members happy. We always try hard to make the adults and kids happy so they can lead a prosperous life.

Thanksgiving Jokes for Adults

On every festival, adults have a significant and distinctive position in our hearts. Because of them only, we celebrate festivals and enjoy small but precious moments of life. Therefore, it is essential for us to make them happy on this Thanksgiving day. We have listed some hilarious Thanksgiving jokes for adults who hold a special place in every festival. Don’t miss them and make a healthy laugh.

thanksgiving jokes and riddles for adults

thanksgiving jokes images

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Thanksgiving Jokes for Kids

Thanksgiving jokes are on the bucket list of most of the people who are going to serve the turkey for their friends and family. These funny jokes and one-liners will let us enjoy the night to the fullest. And you know who enjoy them the most? Yes, Kids. They laugh out loud on funny Thanksgiving day jokes and believe it; they have a heavenly laugh. So, if you too want to enjoy the fest, make the children laugh with these Thanksgiving jokes for kids.

thanksgiving jokes and pictures

thanksgiving day jokes for kids

Thanksgiving Jokes for Your Loved Ones

The time has come and Thanksgiving day is knocking the doors. It is the day when all your family members and friends will sit around the table to eat the lip-smacking turkey. However, the things that will keep all the family members engaged are Thanksgiving jokes which everyone will enjoy. Our collection of funny Thanksgiving day jokes will make your day memorable and worthwhile. Just keep these traditions alive and celebrate this Thanksgiving day with zeal and keep the spirit of festival alive.

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