Thanksgiving Parades

Thanksgiving Parade

Hope the holidays are going good. Let’s add a one more event to enjoy our holidays. Yes, Thanksgiving is in the queue. Everyone is so excited and they have a valid reason for that. This is a very popular festival in United states and Canada. On, 22nd of November we can witness the Thanksgiving Parades in the Country.  A large number of public gathering can be seen on the streets on this day. In the parade, singers, entertainers, bands, balloons, big cartoons march along with the boulevards on the streets. As Veterans day Parade is a well known parade of the Country, New York City government popularly known as (NYC) is preparing for a wonderful and grade parade. On the Thanksgiving Day, there are different types of march one can witness i.e Thanksgiving Parade 2018, Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018, Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade etc.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018, Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018 Route

These parades are so colorful and amazing that not only children’s are excited but also adults and old ones are also gather on the streets to take a look. As this is one of the biggest parade in US thousands of tourist also visit the country to enjoy the event. There is no specific place where you can enjoy this Thanksgiving Parades. No matter you are in the southeast part or northwest part or any other part of this country you can enjoy this celebration. So, be a part of it on 23rd November and take a glimpse of the parade closely also you can get to know the culture of the country.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades 2018

Be a part of the 91st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in the heart of the country i.e New York. Macy’s is a US department store which holds the title of world’s largest Thanksgiving Parade title. The beginning of this festival started in 1924. The whole country enjoy the 3 hour show of Macy’ Thanksgiving Parade 2018. The march is held at Manhattan. If you are not in the city or stuck in your busy schedule and missed to be on the spot then, you can watch it on the NBC channel.

Dunkin’s Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018

Held at Philadelphia Dunkin Donuts Thanksgiving Parade is the oldest parade in New york city. With each passing year the celebration is also spreading and becoming grand. This year 98th annual Thanksgiving Parade is going to begin at 8:30 AM at 20th street which will end at Museum of Art, Philadelphia. People gather all around the streets to enjoy this parade and also to know the tradition of city. In this parade march, cartoons, entertainers, singers and dancers make it more memorable for everyone who is witnessing it.

Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade 2018

Hope you are up for the festive season. If you are in New York, you can’t miss to attend 68th Annual parade which is full of high flying balloons, marching bands, sensational floats on the streets which will fill your heart with joy. The event is going to start at sharp 9 am on Smith and Lamar Streets and end at Smith and Dallas streets. It’s a kind of round trip  which starts and ends at the same point.