Turkey Basket – Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids

These kids thanksgiving crafts are not just art projects to help improve your child’s creativity. They are also instruments to help the young ones in learning how to socialize with other kids, to express their thoughtfulness, and to make them more expressive about their thoughts. Setting a good foundation of good traits for the kids should start at a very early age. As young as they are, good traits such as being appreciative and thoughtful should be inculcated in their minds. An interesting twist of creativity can be added in their acts and expression of kindness. One way of doing this is to teach them in creating kids thanksgiving crafts. This fun Turkey basket is perfect for serving peanuts, crackers or small candies with a festive flair.

What you will need:

1. Paper plate
2. Brown paint
3. Paintbrush
4. Brown paper
5. Yellow paper
6. Red paper
7. Orange paper
8. Black marker
9. Glue stick
10. Pencil
11. Four brads
12. Scissors

Turkey Basket - Thanksgiving 2019 Craft Ideas For Kids


1. Cut four slits in the paper plate. Cut about three inches. Make the slits equal so that the plate is divided into four “slices”.
2. Fold the four pieces up so that the paper plate makes a square basket.
3. Fold sides together then use brads to hold them in place.
4. Paint the outside of the basket brown.
5. Allow the paint to dry.
6. While paint is drying, cut out six feathers from the yellow, red and orange paper.
7. Cut out a circle from the brown paper for the turkey’s head.
8. Cut out a triangle for the beak, and feet from the yellow paper.
9. Cut a small peanut shape out of the red paper.
10. Glue the beak onto the brown circle.
11. Glue the red piece of paper onto the head near the beak.
12. Use the black marker to make eyes.
13. Glue the feathers onto the back inside of the basket.
14. Glue the head to the opposite side of the basket.
15. Glue the feet onto the bottom of the basket sticking out so that when you look at the head of the turkey you see the feet.

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