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When Is National Day On Writing 2019 2020, 2021, and upcoming years?

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National Day On Writing 20 October

National Day On Writing 20 October

National day on writing 2019 is celebrated on the 20th of October. People use to write on a daily basis for different purposes. They write for personal, civic, or professional purposes, and so the experience of writing increases with every passing day. Writings can be in different forms.

National Day On Writing 20 October
National Day On Writing 20 October
  • They can be instant messages, text messages, traditional paper & pen, and many more kinds.
  • Writing that is performed in social nature helps people to invite to different types of work and every walk of life.

The latest technologies have helped people to write their views in different compositions and to share your views with different audiences.

  • The composition requires writing.
  • Different occasions, audiences, and purposes ask people to write their views in different forms all over their life.
  • Some professional writers work for others to fulfill their requirements – both individuals and companies.

Why A National Day On Writing?

Writing plays a significant role in national life, so because of its importance, there is the need to celebrate a national day to appraise writers. In this way, people will also come to know how important is the skill of writing and a writer in their life.


On this special day, you may perform some activities to promote the cause.

  • Appraise Writers

Do you know any writer? If yes, then appreciate his/her efforts. It will make the writer make his/her morale high.

  • Raise Awareness

You may host an event or seminar to raise awareness among people related to the importance of writing.

  • Share with others

Whatever the activity you perform on this day, share it with others to let them know. Nowadays, it is quite easy to share your activities with others through social media. Don’t forget to write effective hashtags with the post.

When Is National Day On Writing 2019, 2020, 2021, And Upcoming Years?

The following list will be helpful for you to know when will you have the national day on writing 2019, 2020, 2021, and upcoming years. You can mark the calendar in advance for a reminder so that you can plan some good and effective activities.

Year Date Day
2019 20 October Sunday
2020 20 October Tuesday
2021 20 October Wednesday
2022 20 October Thursday
2023 20 October Friday
2024 20 October Sunday
2025 20 October Monday
2026 20 October Tuesday
2027 20 October Wednesday
2028 20 October Friday
2029 20 October Saturday


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